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Neuroradiology surgeon specialising in ozone therapy and chairman of the Italian Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Federation (FIO)

The Highest Quality in Ozone Therapy.

University of Insubria

Professor, 2005-2013

Visiting professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Insubria, from the academic year 2005–2006 to the academic year 2012–2013.

School for Medical Radiology Technicians

Head of subject, 1992–1998

From the academic year 1991–1992 to the academic year 1997–1998, he taught "Neuroanatomy and Neuroradiological Techniques" at the School for Medical Radiology Technicians.

Postgraduate Specialty School for Radiodiagnostics

Specialisation, 1987–1992

He has continuously attended the Postgraduate School of Radiodiagnosis at the University of Brescia, graduating in 1992 with a grade of 50/50 with honours and defending his thesis "Magnetic Resonance and Magnetic Resonance Angiography in Wallenberg Syndrome".

Italian Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Federation (FIO) chairman

Appointed, 2018

Appointed chairman of the Italian Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Federation during the IX National Conference, held in Desenzano del Garda (BS) on 19-20 October 2018.

III WFOOT World Congress chairman

Appointed, 2011

Appointed chairman of the 3rd WFOOT World Congress and of the FIO 5th National Congress for Oxygen and Ozone Therapy, Brescia – April 2011.

Gold Coin Reward for the Research

Award, 2006

Awarded at the Mumbai Tata Institute with the "Gold Coin Award for Research", Bombay – November 2006.

WFOOT secretary

Appointed, 2005

In 2005 he was appointed reviewer for the American Journal of Neuroradiology. In the same year he was appointed secretary of WFOOT (World Federation of Ozone Therapy)

Winner of the ISICO (Italian Scientific Spine Institute) award

Award, 2005

ISICO award winner for the year 2005. Award reserved for the best scientific research works on the spine.

First-level master's degree in "Dental hygiene 3.0: experience meets technology"

Lecturer, 2018

He gave a lecture on "Technological development in the profession: Ozone Therapy" in the academic year 2017–2018

International Journal of Ozone Therapy

Scientific director, 2006

Since 2006 he has been scientific director of the prestigious international journal "International Journal of Ozone Therapy."

Italian Journal of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy

Scientific director, 2001

Since 2001 he has been the appointed scientific director of the Italian Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Journal.

Head of Neuroradiology Services

Appointed, 1998

Since January 1998 he has been the nominated "Head of Neuroradiology Services of the Gruppo San Donato healthcare group" (Clinical Institute of Brescia, San Donato Milanese General Hospital, S. Anna Hospital of Brescia, Ponte San Pietro General Hospital in Bergamo).

Second-level master's degree in oxygen-ozone therapy

Scientific director, 2018

Scientific dof the 3rd edition of the second-level master's degree in oxygen-ozone therapy, organised in Brescia from March to December 2018, under the World Federation of Ozone Therapy.

Vertebroplasty course

Director, 2004

Director of the Vertebroplasty course – 30th October, 2004 – Palazzo Arzaga Hotel Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort – Calvagese della Riviera, Brescia.

The Knee: What to Treat and How?

Director, 2003

Course director of "The knee: What to Treat and How?" – Brescia, 11 October 2003.

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy: State of the Art

Director, 2002

Course director for "Oxygen-Ozone Therapy: State of the art", Pavia, 13 April 2002

CT Scanning and Magnetic Resonance in the Third Millennium

Director, 2002

Course director for "Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance in the Third Millennium" Brescia, 27–28 September 2002.

Whatever you dream of undertaking, start it. Boldness has genius, power, magic. (Goethe)

Contact & appointment request

Dott. Matteo Bonetti works at Poliambulatorio Oberdan clinic in Brescia → Via Oberdan, 126 c/o Torre Risorgimento - Brescia - Tel. (+39) 030 37 01 312

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