Rational approach, technique and selection criteria treating lumbar disk herniations by oxygen-ozone therapy.

Muto M., Giurazza F., Silva RP., Guarnieri G.


Radicular lumbar back pain is an important public health problem not yet benefiting from a unequivocal treatment approach. Medical and physical therapies represent the first solution; however, when these fail, the second therapeutic step is still controversial and mini-invasive treatments may play an important role. In these cases oxygen-ozone therapy has been proved to be a very safe and effective option that is widely used with different modalities. This paper, by reviewing oxygen-ozone therapy literature data, aims to describe the rationale of oxygen-ozone therapy for the treatment of lumbar disk herniations, propose an effective procedural technique and clarify patient selection criteria; furthermore, complications and follow-up management are also considered.

For more information: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed