Coccygodynia Treated by Oxygen-Ozone Administration

M. Bonetti, R. Iavarone, F. Martinelli.

We describe a patient with post-traumatic coccygodynia resistant to traditional treat- ments and cured by targeted infiltration of an oxygen-ozone gas mixture. After a period of rest without any clinical benefit the patient had initially received an anti-inflammatory therapy per os and then underwent three local steroid injections with little benefit. We administered an oxygen ozone mixture under CT guid- ance leading to a complete resolution of pain. Outcome was confirmed by clinical follow-up three and nine months after O2-O3 treatment.

Although this is the first report of a patient with coccygodynia treated by oxygen-ozone administra- tion, the excellent clinical outcome obtained in our patient indicate that oxygen-ozone is a safe treat- ment lacking side-effects and contraindications. The gas should be administered under CT guid- ance for maximum accuracy in distributing the gas mixture at the lesion site.
In conclusion, awaiting a statistically signifi- cant series of cases, we recommend oxygen-ozone administration to treat coccygodynia resistant to conventional management.